domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2018

Homework: Fairness and Justice 

We have two values that are justice, that is  the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments, and fairness is the quality of making judgments that are free from discrimination. 
In the two poems we review the two values of “Justice” and “Fairness” but they are not totally explicit. Yet both of them talk about things such as life and humans, and that is a topic in which we can see these two values very frequently.
In “Psalm of Life” we can infere that amongst all the characteristics that the author desires the reader to posess there is “justice” and “fairness” because those would be qualities that would fit perfectly the model that the author describes in the poem, a person who leaves good things to the people on the Earth, someone who resembles a hero in the war of life, or a really brave person, etc. Also I can see the value of justice in the message of this poem, the life is short and everything you do have consequences and you have to be responsable of it, be just, the poem deals with how meaning is created in one´s life. 
In our second poem “The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls”,  we know that the movement of the tides resembles all the cycles of nature, and life, and how us humans are only a part of it. The way we can see fairness and justice on this poem  is that ife does not always seems very fair and just to us. Also for as much this poen has to say aboute the circle of life, it´s also a poem that has a lot to say abpur death.
Justice and fairness are very important values and the way these values are implied to the story are like in an abstract way, also these values are not the main points on this poems but they are slightly implicated in the message that the author wants us to infer so this is why I think that these values are implied on these poems. They are never explicitly mentioned but still take part into developing the message of the poems, even in the slightest way.

I feel like these two values are not very easy to see at first sight in the poems, but if we think about it more deeply, these are two essencial values in our life. 

viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2018

Homework:The Devil and Tom Walker(values trustworthiness and thankful)

✨First of all I am gonna say what are the meanings of those two values, trustworthiness is the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful and thankful is like when you expresse gratitude and relief, in my opinion this values are not in the story at all
First  the devil doesnt have any kind of values, hes not thankful with anything or anyone, he is not trustworthiness because he is a swindler, liar and tricker, however he gains the trust of others with lies and tricks.
With Tom's wife is the same she doesnt have any of those values,  because she is not a trustful person at all, she doesnt even has trust with her own husband, she is a cheater and a liar, and doesnt care about her husband, just about his money, his lands, and his riches, and she is one of the most unthankful characters I've ever seen, because she has already a lot of money, a good life and a husband but she is very inconfy with that and she is not thankful with all that good things that she has, she just want more and more and just focus in the things that she doesnt have and she does not appreciate what she already has
Tom walker is also very, very unthankful because like his wife he doesnt appreciate what he has, and always want more and more, and he does not care about how he is gonna get the things. But, I think he is trustworthiness  in the story because the indians, the people, even the devil trust in him to do bussiness and deals.
I think that this values are not really present in the story, is more like the opposite values, but i think they are present in the theme of the story, that for me is that you hace to be thankful for the things that you have and the people that is in your life, and to be trustworthiness in every task and for everyone.✨

martes, 18 de septiembre de 2018

Homework: A thrilling story

✨This story takes place in a small town in where is always snowing, and you can't see the sun very often.
Here we got Amelia Andrews, she's social and kind with everyone and is always in a good mood. One day, Amelia was at the school and a new and mystery girl arrived, she was very different and catch everyones attention. She got a very old and worn out clothes, many accessories such as large necklaces and long earrings, a pretty dark hair and a deep blue eyes 
Everyone looks weird at the girl, Except Amelia, she always want to everybody feels comfortable, so she just smile at her. The girl look around and her deep eyes look at Amelia and her big smile, the girl called Christina smile back to her and take sit in the back of the classroom.
In the hall every conversation, every rumor, every gossip was about Christina and how wierd she was.Everybody was talking about her.
On recess Amelia decided to talk to her, and be her first friend, Christina was sitting alone outside the cafeteria, talking to the air, this detail scared Amelia a bit 
They start talking, and with the passing of the days they become friends, but Amelia was still ashamed to ask her why she dressed so strangely and why she spoke alone, and with whom she did it. Something that caught Amelia's attention was that Christina always told her that she had a very pure soul and a very clean aura, it wasnt  her words it was the way she told her.
The days passed, and the gossips about Christina was getting worse, everyone said that she was dangerous and her grandmother was a witch, so she was one too. Amelia dont listen to the gossips and the warnings of her friends and still be friend with Christina. Days later Amelia got sick and could not even get out of bed, the doctors didnt know what she had because  she did not suffer from any symptoms, only inability to move out of bed.

One day Amelia did not wake up, and everyone said that was Christina's fault, like she was a "witch" she stole her pure soul, nothing was confirmed but the people of that town were sure of it.✨

martes, 4 de septiembre de 2018

Homework:My country, my city and my neighborhood. 
✨Colombia its a country located in South America, is organized in 32 departments,and the capital city is Bogota, the president is Ivan Duque Marquez. It's the only part of South America that has coast with the Pacific Ocean, and access to the Atlantic Ocean through the Caribbean Sea, in which are the islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, and has different climatic zones. Colombia is the seventh biggest country in America and ranks second in global biodiversity and it is the third country with more water in the world. The aproximate population is 48.203.000.
Colombia does not have a national dish. Among the most representative regional dishes are sancocho, arepa, ajiaco, and bandeja paisa.The Colombian gastronomy is varied and changes according to each region.

Barranquilla its the capital from the department of Atlantico, Colombia , is located at the north of the country, and the Magdalena River and the Caribbean Sea surround it. This makes Barranquilla a perfect spot for the importation and exportation of products, this means Barranquilla is a port. . Is home to one of the most important folklore and cultural festivities in Colombia, like el Carnaval de Barranquilla. Barranquilla's weather is tropical or dry, with high temperatures. The geography of the city makes fish a very common dish in Barranquilla, they use cassava or potatoes very much and rice is very present. The population is 1.228.621 people, which makes it the fourth most populated city in the country(with the happiest people, where we respect and accept everyone, for who they are and what they like).

I do not know how big my neighborhood is, I think it's normal, it has many buildings and some houses, the only bad thing I see, are the small mountains that it has, which at night are quite dark and a little dangerous. Sadly, lately they have stolen more than usual, made it a little quiet and do not see many people walking around. I live in a very high floor (eleventh floor) and I have a very good view of a large part of the neighborhood, what I have noticed is that there are many children and many pets (puppies, are the most beautiful). The most important or representative here is the mall, Miramar, has several banks, a gym, restaurants, supermarkets, among others.✨

domingo, 26 de agosto de 2018

Homework:  My Life

✨My name is Athina Gnecco Varon, I am 16 years old, I was born in Miami, FL the 10th of july 2002, and my life is pretty simple. I live with my mother (Karen) and my two brothers (Sebastian and Mathias), I am the middle daughter but the only one. 

The things that I like the most are different to the most of the people of my age, I really like to read and i enjoy learn new things, for that reason I love came to the school,also because it's a way to not be bored and keep my mind busy, I love to listen music, but i preffer music in english.  But for sure my favorite activity is to sleep, its the best thing in the world.
The things I really dont like are the sports, not because im lazy its because i cant do any of them, i have zero cordination.

My life dream its be happy, i want to enjoy whatever im going to do,I would like to be a responsable,honest and humble woman,  i really want to go to college and be a professional, I know im gonna do it if I work hard. I have three career options and i dont know which one choose (Law, psychology and political science).
I hope to live in another country and know some parts of the world but I really hope be surrounded of good people.✨